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3 natural ways to prevent weed growth

1. Dig out weeds manually

Pulling up weeds can be one of the easiest, most efficient, and cheapest methods of removal – if it’s done properly. Removing the whole root is crucial. Even the smallest root pieces left behind will grow into new weeds.


Digging up the weeds with a garden fork helps pull up the roots, preventing the weeds from regrowing. It has other key benefits, too. Forking and turning over helps to aerate the soil.

2. Layer with bark or wood chippings

Bark or wood chippings can suppress some weed growth. A layer around 2-4 inches thick can prevent some weeds from growing.

However, tougher weeds – like dandelion or bindweed – may break through the layer if the roots are already present underneath.

While it stunts weed growth, bark or chipping can help the surrounding plants. The breakdown of chipping releases all the important nutrients into the soil. Just make sure to remove any excess soil or moisture from plant stems before laying mulch down – it’ll help avoid stem rot.

Wood chippings

3. Fill gaps to choke the weeds

Add extra plants to fill space weeds would normally grow into. You could add shrubbery to the centre or along the edges of a border, for example. As these plants grow fuller, they’ll suppress the weeds and stop the roots spreading.

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Using plants to control weeds is the most effective method - even though it takes longer and can be costly. But over time, you’ll benefit from a fuller garden with a balanced variety of plants.
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Natural methods of weed control can be easy and efficient – and they can have long term benefits on your overall garden. While some gardeners take the natural approach to controlling weeds, others may use specialist products or alternative materials found at home. See here for more weed control advice, information, and recommendations.

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