Preparing and maintaining soil

The key to an idyllic garden? High quality and healthy topsoil. 


Soil tends to become compact during winter – destroying the air pockets vital to successful plant growth. Aerating soil restores these air pockets and improves how well your plants grow. 


Take the time to prepare your soil for the growing season, especially if your garden gets heavily trodden or is full of equipment and furniture.


Want to learn how to prepare soil effectively? Watch our video tutorial.

Well-aerated soil is crucial for plant growth. That’s because well-aerated soil contains plenty of oxygen.
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Plant roots need oxygen for healthy growth and development – just as much as they need water and sunlight. Micro-bacteria and worms thrive in well-aerated soil, too. They’re responsible for breaking down soil to release vital nutrients.


Water penetrates aerated soil freely. It helps to avoid a potential drought and helps to reduce the amount of water needed on hot days.

Plus, any regular maintenance prevents costly replacement in the long run.

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