what is pruning

What is pruning and why do we do it?

Happy and healthy plants are key to an idyllic garden. And to keep plants happy and healthy, we need to put time into garden maintenance.

Pruning is one element of maintenance to master. That’s the cutting away of dead, damaged, or overgrown branches and stems.

But why is pruning vital? It maintains the health of your plant, and improves the quality of the stems and foliage.
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In particular…


Pruning removes dead, damaged, or diseased wood.


Dead or diseased wood can damage the whole plant. Pruning damaged wood sparks a release of energy to restore any damaged plant cells. In turn, this encourages healthy plant growth.


Pruning thins out plants.


Remove crossing or centre-pointing branches and shoots. It allows more air to flow and more sunlight to hit the plant, helping it to grow more healthily.


Pruning reduces annual growth.


Cutting back this year’s annual growth means more energy can be released into new growth. And that encourages healthy flower, fruit, or seed production.


Focus on these factors when pruning your garden. Ultimately, pruning helps to keep plants healthy. Don’t worry too much about what you might lose by cutting back plants – the long-term growth will be worth it!

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