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Spraying roses

It can be frustrating at times to see your roses looking under the weather. Roses are prone to many diseases such as mildew, rust or black spot, and are often attacked by pests and insects such as blackfly.


Chemical treatment-spraying on a regular basis can help to prevent any misfortune turning your beloved roses into an unattractive inhabitants of your garden.

Chemical treatment helps to keep your roses disease free
Chemical treatment helps to keep your roses disease free

Unfortunately, many people wait way too long to start spraying their roses. They are hoping that the chemical treatment is a magical cure when the plants are already  infected. Try to avoid this mistake at all costs; spraying roses works as a prevention, not  a cure 


When should you start spraying roses?

You should start spraying your roses in the spring when new growth emerges. Spray the young fresh leaves before they turn mature with fungicide. Roseclear is always a safe bet if you get stuck in material choice. Please carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions prior to application.

Spraying new and fresh foliage of roses
Spraying new and fresh foliage of roses

How often should I spray my roses?

For the best results, we recommend treating your roses at least once a fortnight. Roses tend to grow rapidly during the growing seasons and regular spraying ensures that the new growth is always treated.


What to do if you’ve left it too late?

We understand that finding some time for your garden can be a challenging task at times and by the time you get around to doing some gardening, it might be too late for your roses. When the leaves are infected by rust or black spot, the best thing to do is to pick the worst looking leaves before they drop onto the ground as the black spot can spread in the soil!

After you’ve removed the infected leaves, your roses will grow vigorously as the extra energy has been freed and diverted into new growth. When the fresh growth appears, it is time to apply chemical treatment.

Leaves infected by black spot need to be removed
Leaves infected by black spot need to be removed

Keeping your roses looking fresh is not always an easy task, but it can be achieved with regular spraying and ensuring you don’t leave it until it’s too late. Sometimes the simple understanding of when to undertake certain tasks can be more beneficial than knowing how.

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