Watering potted plants

Watering potted plants

Potted plants add life and character to patios, deckings, and indoor spaces. And like any other plant, potted plants need to be watered regularly. Each plant species will need different amounts of moisture – be sure to do your research before planting.

Choosing the correct pot is equally crucial. It needs to be spacious enough for the plant to grow comfortably without being cramped. And it needs to allow for water drainage to prevent the soil clogging. 

How to water potted plants

The type of plant and the size of the pot determines how often you’ll need to water. But generally, well-watered potted plants have moist soil below the surface – we’d recommend watering when the top inch of soil feels dry. Check your pots daily, especially if they’re outdoors during warm weather. 

Water potted plants slowly and thoroughly. A great way to do this is by filling the pot to the rim and leaving the water to gradually absorb into the soil. Naturally, some plants will need more moisture than others. For these, repeat the process.

Compact soil can struggle to absorb water. But don’t worry, it’s an easy problem to solve! Make massage-like motions with your fingers to move the soil and disturb its structure – like in the video below. This can be done before watering or during watering to help work moisture in thoroughly.

Potted plants need different care to bedding or ground plants – read more advice on watering and planting here.

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