Well fertilised roses produce masses of bloom

Should I feed my roses?

Roses are without a doubt best known plants found around the globe. They are also one the most demanding plants when it comes to their maintenance, and their hungry nature requires additional nutrients on the regular basis.


Why should I feed my roses?

Additional nutritional value provides roses with extra energy which will be invested in their vigorous growth followed by flower production. Roses only produce bloom on a new growth, therefore, the rapid growth means a more colourful appearance. Furthermore, the supplied nutrients help roses to fight diseases.


When should I feed my roses?

Roses grown in the borders should be fed twice a year. The first fertiliser application is required in March or April, before the active growing season. Depending on the climate you live in, apply the feed when the soil is beginning to warm up to help with the breakdown of the organic matter.

The second fertiliser application should be done in mid-season, usually in July.

Roses grown in pots solely rely on nutrients from the external source and we recommend feeding them on a monthly basis for the best results.


How to feed roses

To feed roses grown in the borders, apply a couple of handfuls of fertiliser around the base and thoroughly fork in the soil. Forking the soil will ensure the nutrients are delivered into the soil where it’s needed.

Pot grown roses only require a handful of feed, but again, it needs to be worked into the soil well.

Water your roses well after the food application as it will help to dissolve the fertiliser into the soil, which will help to release the important nutrients.

Apply the fertiliser around plant base
Apply the fertiliser around plant base

What fertiliser should I use?

We recommend using a fertiliser balanced in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is responsible for rapid growth, potassium is necessary for flower production and phosphorus ensures healthy root development.

If in doubt, Toprose is always a safe bet. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before application.


Roses are a beautiful addition to any garden whether grown in pots or planted in the borders. To ensure their best possible appearance, feed your roses regularly.

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