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Prepare your garden for Halloween and how to use the same colour scheme in your garden.

Halloween is just around the corner and we would like to share with you a few tips on how to enhance your outdoor space for this popular holiday. But instead of using regular decorations such as ghosts, witches, skeletons or gravestones we will focus on your actual garden.

Halloween started as a tradition centuries ago by Celts using only natural materials and we will maintain the same colour scheme. Without any further delay, let’s get straight to the point.

Replace your old summer bedding plants using blue colour.

With the winter fast approaching, blue colour resembles snow, especially when
outshined by a winter moonlight. Plant your new plants in borders or pots where you will place a pumpkin (assuming you will). For a better effect, use matching blue pots where applicable.

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Reuse your garden waste.

Collect fallen branches from the trees or shrubs of different lengths and tie them into a bundle. You can combine them with spent flowers of grasses if you can get hold of them.


How you make this arrangement is entirely up to you. Now you are ready to place it in the pots or borders with new bedding as a centrepiece.


Smaller harvested twigs decorated with pinecones can be used as ‘underpinning’ for the pumpkin. You can even use a little bit of moss.

Use yellow light in the pumpkin.

Yellow colour resembles the fire. The brightness and warmth of light in smaller mass will beautifully contrast with larger mass of acrylic-looking blue flowers and its rays will highlight the silhouettes of bare branches and fluffiness of flowers collected from grasses.

Pumpkin at night

One final tip.

If you have spotlights in your garden, change their colour to green by using lenses or light filters. These should be available at your local garden centre or a DIY retail shop. (Note: if in doubt, please consult a professional). Include the lights in your new Halloween display as a background. Now you are ready to welcome trick-and-treaters.


How to use the same colour scheme in your borders?

By placing larger evergreen, or deciduous shrubs in the centre or towards the back of your border, you will provide and exceptional background for the flowering display in front of them. Yellow colour will greatly stand out here. But too much of warm yellow colour be eye-tiring. By underplanting or combining with cooler blue or subtle purple, an optimum balance and eye-pleasing colour contrast will be achieved.

Yellow and blue flowers

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