Homemade fertiliser

How to make your own homemade fertiliser

Most Channel Island soil doesn’t naturally contain the nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. That’s where fertiliser comes in.

You’ll find fertiliser in most shops. But making your own is easier than you’d think! Homemade fertiliser is great for your plants, free and easy to make, and can help you cut down on food waste!

What can I use in homemade fertiliser?

Almost any organic waste will work – you’ll probably have ingredients for homemade fertiliser in your kitchen already. Over-ripe fruit and vegetable peelings are ideal. So are eggshells, beans, coffee, and tea. You can use garden waste and trimmings, too.

Organic waste offers vital nutrients to growing plants. Here are some key nutrients needed for a thriving garden – and where you can find them:

  • Nitrogen encourages plant leaves to grow and can help with photosynthesis. Coffee grounds, tea bags, and grass clippings are full of nitrogen – they’re great for your homemade fertiliser.
  • Phosphorous helps plant roots develop well and stay healthy. Most fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains contain phosphorous and can be added to your fertiliser.
  • Potassium is great for flower and fruit production. Adding banana peels to your fertiliser is one of the easiest ways to introduce potassium.
  • Calcium balances soil nutrients and helps water disperse to plant roots. Eggshells are a great source of calcium for homemade fertiliser.

How do you make fertiliser?

There are plenty of methods to produce homemade fertiliser. And they can all be effective. Here are two quick and easy methods:

  1. Fill a bucket or watering can with water and add your ingredients. Leave for 2-3 days before watering onto the plants – during this time, the nutrients will be released into the water.

  2. Blend the ingredients into a paste and add water. This fertiliser can be used in the garden straight away!

It’s that simple! Use whichever method works for you, with any combination of organic ingredients. 

Some plants – like tomatoes – can prefer a higher concentration of a specific element. But any organic fertiliser will give your plants nourishment for healthy growth! 

Want to give your plants the very best opportunity to thrive? Make sure to prepare your soil properly, water plants thoroughly, and tend to them regularly.

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